Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 5 Legs & Back & Ab Ripper X

The word for today is EXHAUSTED!  I'm so tired I actually thought I might call someone and pay them to help me clean my house, b/c it's a wreck, and I haven't had enough energy to tackle it this week.  Sure I've straitend it up.  We aren't piggies, but I haven't done any laundry, and I used all my energy today on this workout.  I could really just sit here all day.  I am tired.  I do not like this workout today!  I probably will love it tomorrow after I feel the results.  I know that's negative, but I have a really big bootie, and I cannot do one pull-up without a chair.  I never have been able to. 
I am having a rough time getting the family on board with eating healthy as well.  My hubby is not there yet.  I usually would not speak my inner troubles with anyone, but this is a real issue for wives.  Hubby's want that hottie totty wifey, but nutrition is key to that, so that has been bumpy.  Working through it though.  I had to make two dinners night before last, and last night I decided to get them a bucket of chicken, and I had the left over baked chicken in a pita with spinach.  I love to eat healthy, but the rest of the family says, "Ewwww."  They don't mind the processed foods that I ate on Weight watchers, but I am realizing how unhealthy that stuff is, and to be honest after doing this strenuous of workouts, your body craves healthy, fresh, nutrient rich foods.  
I am almost done with my first week.  I only have one more day left, and then I am giving myself Sunday to rest.  I'm ready for that day. 

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