Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 3 Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper X

A deeb A deep A deeb that's all folks!  Done!  (Elmer Fud voice)  Alright, well here's the down low on the go go.  I loved the Shoulders and Arms workout.  Why?  Because it was slow paced, and we lifted weights.  It states that this workout is and hour long, but that is because there is a time allotment for writing down you reps and waiting on others to finish their reps.  My arms and shoulders definitely got a work out.  I could only do 1/2 of the bonus round, but heck it was a bonus round.  You do NOT have to do it, but I like a challenge.  Now, after that workout, you have to do another workout.  It is a 16 minute Ab Ripper Your Guts Out X.  I can do anything if it is only for 16 minutes.  This had me hurting and burning, and YOUCH.  Some of a gum!  Tish Tish Tish what the what?  How the heck?  Guess What?  I finished it though.  I looked silly.  I did have to take a lot of breaks.  I did not do 25 reps for everything, so out of 465 ab working exercises I prob did 400.  Not bad.  I felt the  burn that is all that matters.  I tell you what there was an exercise where you lay flat then you put your right hand behind your head and reach up and over with your left hand, and I got a double charlie horse in my hips.  NO > LIE!!!  O my goodness.  I am a runner though, and I have learned you can go way farther than you think as long as you push through.  Usually it is just a cramp, and it will work itself out, and it did.  I did not give up and I kept going.  That is the key. Do not stop.  It doesn't not matter that you cannot do EVERYTHING OH WELL.  Do what you can and forget the rest.  I am feeling progress already.  I am also seeing progress.  Call me crazy, but things are tightening up.  Lovin it.  Much love!  Remember all things are possible, and that voice in your head that says you can't do this is a liar.  XO

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