Saturday, December 15, 2012

2nd Round of Yoga X

Oh wow!  Today it just seemed like Yoga X took FOReVER!  An hour and a half is too long for a workout if you ask me.  I'm more of a 30-60 minute girl, and if you haven't gotten it done it that amount of time chances are you are not doing it right.  That being said, it was tough to get through it today.  I didn't wanna!  I didn't post yesterday or the day before. I probably won't.  I keep telling myself that this has to become a habit for the rest of my life.  If I want to be in shape, this has to be a necessity in my life like eating.  I have to do it every day.  I am proud of myself this week because I could have given up, and being sick makes it really hard, but I have done it.  Two more days until my rest day.  I am looking very forward to it.  I am not sore like I was last week, but I am tired from this cold.  Hopefully life finds you pushing through too.  Stickin with it! 

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