Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 1 P90X Journey

Today is my very first day on this P90X journey.  I am currently at 155 lbs., and I am the most unhealthy I have ever been in my life.  I started the Lean program today, and it wore me out.  It was not easy to say the least, but it was doable.  The space I have in my room is enough, and I am doing this with a 1 year old.  That in itself is its own kind of challenge.  So, today I pushed play, and this is what occurred.  I did about 10 minutes worth, and then while doing a workout that included words such as Superman and Banana I kicked my dresser in which turned my DVD player off.  OH NO!  I had to start from the beginning.  What a bummer.  I pushed it out as best as I could.  I huffed and puffed, and felt like I was going to fall over, but I didn't.  I'm pretty sure that if I recorded my workout, I would have had a good shot at winning AFV.  In the middle of the workout, I felt nauseous, so I had to take a short break and catch my breath.  Then back to work I went.  I have only had that feeling one time, and that was in basic training for the Air Force in 1997.  Curraazzyy.  In the end, I finished. I am proud of myself, and I only have 89 more days left to go.

On a different note, I tried making kale chips today.  They are crunchy and yummy in small doses.  My kids and sister do not agree.  I am totally wore out, and did not do much of anything else today.  I did eat well, and I am counting my calories.  Til tomorrow folks.  If you wish to jump on this band wagon with me, just leave me a message.  We can encourage each other!! Two are definitely better than one!

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