Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 2 Cardio X

Just got finished, and I am whooped.  Not as much sweat as I thought, but my body is very fatigued.  Speaking of which let me get my muscle milk on. Be right back!  Yummy.  I have been using muscle milk after my workouts.  Vanilla is yummy.  I discovered muscle milk from my sweet dear friend Pete.  He was a military buddy, and he passed away, so retrieving this from me will probably be impossible.  It's like pouring a lil beer out for my homey except after my workout it's pouring a little muscle milk in like what me and my homey use to do.  Anyhow.  RIP Sweet friend.
So, a little blog for my imaginary audience.  Today was ruff ruff!  I was looking over my book, and got a late start today, b/c I was just tired.  I think my body needed the extra rest b/c of my workout yesterday.  Can I really be this out of shape.  I waited til I put my lil one down for his 10:00 nap and got busy.  I got winded pretty quick, and had to take lil breaks in between.  I did not do all of the over the chair kicks, and I could not do all of the exercises, but I did do it to completion.  I feel it everywhere.  I knew I worked out yesterday, but I didn't realize how much.  I was very soar upon waking this morning.  Tons of ppl are asking me about the workout, but I cannot make their mind up for them.  It is hard enough keeping your own mind made up.  I have a support group thanks to the Fit Club network, and Dave and Monica are my accountability partners this go around.   https://www.facebook.com/fitclubnetwork?ref=stream  Check them out if you need any help they can help. I also get a lot of my recipes from there as well. 
Well 2 days down and 88 left to go.  Brought it X  !!

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